Current Problems of Philosophy and Sociology №45/2023

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Gotynyan-Zhuravlyova V. V., Sumchenko I. V.
Culture as a system of values in the understanding of our ancestors and modern man

Grechkosіi R. M.
Consumerism as a phenomenon of economic and value orientation: philosophical aspect

Didenko L. V.
Philosophical-and-Economic Parameters of (Anthropo)Consumption: from Needs Satisfaction to Individual Equilibrium

Dobrolyubska Y. А.
Modern Typology of Marginality in Social and Cultural Space

Dressviannikova N.
Phenomenon of imagination and its role in the practice of human rights protection

Lysenkova V. V.
Comparative analysis of lifestyle of geniuses of the XIX and XX centuries (I. Goethe, N. Bohr)

Radchenko S. V.
The role of socio-political action in the formation of humanitarian security: theoretical analysis

Sinelnikova M. V.
Revenge is part of the experience of ressentiment

Spys O. A.
The position of some of the world's most famous religious leaders on the Russian-Ukrainian war

Tkachenko V. V.
Ukraine: Breaking the Dichotomy of "Perpetrator" / "Victim " and the Birth of "Homo Heroicus"

Chernenko V. O.
Vasyl Stus: Poetry, ethical discourse

Shevel A. O.
Paradigm change in the philosophy of science with the emergence of artificial intelligence

Shevchuk S.F., Romaniuk N.Y.
Charity as an element and indicator of civil society development

Shtepa O. O. Zinchenko N. O.
Time as a factor in the formation of stereotypes of the Ukrainian political and legal mentality: socio-philosophical analysis

Shcherbenko E. V.
Generation and Trauma. The Factor of Temporality in the Socio-Political Discourse of the Transition Era


Butylina O. V., Puzyryova O. V.
Loyalty of social service workers in war conditions

Hryshchenko N. I.
The development and features of a person's volunteer activity in the conditions of martial law in Ukraine

Yevdokymova I. A., Kolesnikova O. V.
Attitudes towards aging and old age in the sociological dimension

Ivanets T. M.
Peculiarities of the embodiment of features of the national character of a people in language: the Japanese case

Kalashnikova L. V., Lobanova A. S., Pryhodko О. О.
Dynamics of value orientations of the population of Ukraine, Poland, Russia and Belarus (2010–2022): comparative analysis

Kuzmuk O. M., Liubchuk V. V., Opeida L. M.
Life values of youth in wartime (according to the results of an online syrvey of Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University)

Panchenko O. A., Kabantseva A. V.
The Concept of Swans as a Metaphorical Reflection of Contemporary Turbulent Reality

Prokhorenko Ye. Ya.
Operationalization of the category "gender inequality" in sociology


Barasii V. Yu.
The electoral process in the era of digitalization: mediacracy, "Diia", media scandals

Mammadov Tural Xalid.
Methodological foundations of the concept of governance region

Vorchakova I. E.
Women's political leadership: peculiarities of gender perception

Demianenko V. M., Priadko T. P., Ruban А. O.
Theoretical Concepts of I. Ilyin and the Ideology of Putinism as Reflections of Socio-Political Orientations in Russian Society

Matukhno G. R.
Institutionalization of youth policy in Ukraine as a factor influencing the level of public political participation of youth

Moskaliuk M. F.
European Integration and the Euro-Atlantic Vector of Development of Baltic States: Prerequisites and Stages of Realization

Mota M. B.
The Significance, Prospects, and Risks of Big Data Analytics for Developing Democracy and the Electoral Process

Mudryi R. R.
Program Features and Electoral Success of Pirate Network Parties: On the Example of Some European Countries

Oleshchuk P. M., Saltovskyi O. І.
Alternative models" of Ukraine joining NATO in the modern European political system and the complexity of their implementation

Current Problems of Philosophy and Sociology №44/2023

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Giblaliyeva N. E.
Philosophy of life about the phenomenon of values

Bondar S. V.
Limitations and Prospects for the Development of Artificial Intelligence: Philosophical Analysis

Valenchuk P. P.
Public demand: its types, signs and approaches to understanding

Hryhorak Y. D.
Own Among Strangers: Main Sources of Tolerance of Ancient Greek Philosophers

Dankanich R. I.
Philosophical Hermeneutics: The problem of text interpretation from H. Gadamer’s and J. Habermas’ perspectives

Karaieva I.
Philosophical Dimensions of Aldous Huxley’s Prognostic Novels

Lozovytskyi V. M.
Orthodox Theology of the Twentieth Century: In Search of the Origins of Ukrainian Thought

Mnoshynska R. V.
Contribution of S. Orikhovsky to the Renaissance-Humanistic Development of Moral and Ethical Problems (I half of the XVI century)

Piasta R. M.
Moral and theological aspects of the implementation of traffic rules in the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Paskalova M. I., Kit N. V.
Management decision in the view of bearing, understanding and transferring the senses

Usanova L. A., Usanov I. V.
The Politics of Network Identity

Shakun N.
Socio-Cultural Aspects of Modern Social Transformations


Dmytryk І. О., Skydan H. O.
Forced migration of Ukrainians to Poland under martial law: the problem of adaptation

Khyzhniak L. M.
Pluralism of theoretical approaches in modern research of international relations and world politics


Androshchuk I. M.
The influence of the mass media of the Czech Republic on the formation of public opinion regarding the Russian-Ukrainian war

Kobetiak A. R.
Аdvertisement of European multiculturalism and its impact on interfaith relations in Ukraine

Lysiansky P. L., Salikhov A. R.
Axiological analysis of the electoral process in military and post-military times

Yastrebova V. A.
Externally inspired separatism as a tool for the creation of quasi-state entities in the countries of the post-Soviet space

Sushko A. I., Rymar B. A.
Sociocultural factors of legitimacy public authority

Shcherbenko V. O.
Security of the Black Sea region: current state and development prospects

Prokhorenko Ye. Ya.
The content and place of the concept “deviation” in the sociology of Emile Durkheim

Current Problems of Philosophy and Sociology №42/2023

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Verbova R. M.
Person and cognition in the personalistic ideas of Andrey Sheptytskyi

Horodyska O. М.
Limit-experience as the philosophical and anthropological concept

Grytsyshyna M. V.
F. Bacon's doctrine of natural and inductive history as the basis of the epistemological structure of English empiricism

Dyshkant T. М., Tararoyv J. V.
The study of war taking into account its modern transformation from the standpoint of ethical reflection

Dutsiak I. Z.
Anthropological aspects of the philosophy of tourism

Zavodovskyi I. A.
Awareness of the role of responsible citizenship in the context of the development
of digital culture

Kolomiets O. L.
The concept of "credit of the trust" in the socio-cultural dimension of China

Koperlos R. Yu.
Spirituality as one of the human essences

Korostylev G. L.
Modern war and its types: socio-philosophical analysis

Koss А.
Transformations of humanism: between science and philosophy

Kostiuchkov S. K.
The phenomenon of artificial intelligence in the horizons of biophilosophical knowledge

Krikun V., Baulina T.
The phenomenon of manipulation in the concepts of H. Franke and M. Klis

Vselena Krylova (Svitla)
Charisma of a loving couple as a manifestation of communicative androgyny

Levchenko L. Yu.
Happiness in the works of Hryhorii Skovoroda: a conceptual analysis

Panko O. I.
Post-secularity as an opportunity for the development of socio-religious dialogue

Patlaichuk O. V.
The philosophy of social development in the conditions of the fourth industrial revolution

Polishchuk R. M.
Understanding sport through the prism of mass culture

Razvodova T. А.
The supersensible world of conscience (a comparative analysis of the understanding of conscience in philosophy and psychology)

Sobolievskyi Ya. A.
Socio-political and religious views in the Puritan philosophy of the American thinker Thomas Hooker

Khudenko A. V.
The phenomenon of evidence: phenomenological optics of Heidegger's philosophy

Shcherbenko E. V.
Testimony of the Maidan, or Fate in the game. The artifactual component of the Modernity in the hermeneutic dimension


Oros O. B., Afanasiev D. M.
Parental violence during learning situations in the conditions of social changes


Bader A. V., Vovk S. O.
Systemic features of aggression as a form of external armed violence and the russian-Ukrainian war

Derevianko S. M., Kobets Yu. V., Holubiak N. R.
Ethnic conflicts in Western Europe: current state and prospects

Dudko I. D.
Political pluralism of US domestic congressional influences: experience for Ukraine

Melnyk Yu. P.
Integrative models of EU cultural policy development strategy adaptation in Ukrainian culture

Stychynska A. B.
General characteristics of the main methods of political forecasting

Tymoshenko O. I., Dranchuk I. M.
Political values as axiological foundations of Euro-Atlantic aspirations Ukrainian

Shtelmashenko A. D.
Current issues of regional conflicts resolution in the post-Soviet area

Yakovlyev M. V., Kupka O. V.
Postinformation society as a concept of political studies: challenges and perspectives of conceptualization for studying international relations

Trushevych H. B.
The Impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war on the political socialization of the individual: new trends in personology

Current Problems of Philosophy and Sociology №43/2023

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Alexandrova Yu. M.
Philosophical analysis of strategies for the development of science education in the context of modern educational policy

Borodenko O. V.
The Nobel Prize: philosophical, legal and ethical aspects

Yeremenko O. M.
History as a struggle of metaphysical programs (reflections on Clio’s Mirror by Oleksiy Khalapsis)

Karaieva I. S.
The philosophy of boredom in Aldous Huxley’s literary works

Karpova S. G., Shchepova D. R.
Religious and philosophical discourses of G. Agamben

Konyk М. М.
Current situation in art as iconoclasm

Levchenko L. Yu., Tirbakh A. V.
Human in the Works of Hryhorii Skovoroda: conceptual analysis

Leoshchenko D. I.
Reflection of the eastern civilizational paradigm features in the Chinese philosophical tradition

Lomachynska I. M., Alekseenko O. V.
Religious identity as a means of manipulation in contemporary wars of consciousness

Matyash S. V., Kuznetsova L. A.
Virtual and its sociocultural factors

Maftii A.-L. V.
Philosophy in the language of cinema: Michelangelo Antonioni’s work in the context of visualizing the categories of existentialism

Pavlenko N. L.
The understanding of love in psychoanalysis: diversity of approaches

Pavlusiv N. M.
Zarathustra didn’t speak thatway: an attempt at a postmodern discourse on Friedrich Nietzsche’s famous work

Pastushenko L. A.
Antithesis “West-Russia” in the historiosophical views of Kyiv academic philosophers at the beginning of the 20th century

Pochynok I. B.
Substantiation of humanitarian methodological problem

Sehen` Ya. Yu.
New media as a product and construct of modern society

Sobolievskyi P. A.
Ordinary language philosophy and Ideal language philosophy as central projects of Linguistic philosophy

Starikova H. H.
Frames as a form of existence of implicit knowledge

Tararoyv J. V., Dyshkant T. М.
Philosophical context of the Governance category as a basis for cognitive models of thinking of a military leader

Terepyschy S. O.
Philosophical principles of media literacy in the era of information wars

Fytsyk I. D., Bilan D. I.
Philosophy of education: adherence to the principles of academic integrity in US universities

Finin G. I.
Modern war: challenges and menaces

Shymanovych A. O.
The movement of Catholic modernism: figures, texts, ideas

Shcherbenko E. V.
The modern movement, the challenge of generation and the hermeneutic nerwork

Iakubin O. L., Vyshnevska O. D.
“Street facilitation” as a non-violent conflict transformation technology: a practical strategy


Lobanova A. S., Bondar O. M.
Environmental and (or) environmental consciousness: demarcation of concepts


Bilyi V. S.
Institutionalization of debates in the post-Soviet political process

Bondarenko V. D.
The evolution of US economic sanctions against Iran and their impact on relations between both countries

Kozak T. M.
Features, influence, hierarchy and ranking of languages in global politics and international relations

Chyhidin V. V.
Democratic political representation: the institutional dimension

Prokhorenko Ye. Ya.
Deviant behavior from the origins to the present

Current Problems of Philosophy and Sociology №41/2023

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Boychenko T. O.
Theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of mythology

Borisova T. V.
Philosophical portrait of the phenomenon of "hope" in the views of G. Marcel

Wang D., Dolska O. O.
Digital culture: features and its main characteristics

Vasylchenko R. V.
The relationship between man and state in the philosophy of modern times

Horodyska O. М., Dolska O. O., Lobas V. V.
Practices of the self as the self-governance mechanism

Dobronosova Yu. D.
The choice as a way of personal self-realization in everyday life of war

Konyk (R.) Mykhail
Family Christian education: ontology of personality formation

Koperlos R. Yu.
Interpretation of chaos as order in synergistic discourse

Panko O. I.
Sacredness of the secular: manifestations and interpretations

Petraniuk A. I.
To the question about the crisis of personal identity in the information and networking world

Tіulkin O. V.
Features of perception of collective experience as ethno-national

Shcherbenko E. V.
Revolution and audience. Hermeneutics of growing up


Maltseva O. V.
Social work in the conditions of modern sociocultural changes: experience of professional training of social workers in the system of continuous education of the USA

Marusiak T. S.
Social aspects of the functioning of homeschooling in modern Ukrainian society

Radionova L. O., Kozyreva N. V.
Social capital as an imperative for self-organization of the city society


Maksymets V. Ye., Telefus S. O.
The labour-market impact of migration in Ukraine caused by Russia's military aggression

Svitla V. V.
Democratic civic environment and the structuring of public opinion: the question of institutional capacity in the conditions of the modern Internet environment

Sedliar Yu. O., Stadnichenko O. I.
Social media as contemporary communication technology

Chuprin R. V.
Electoral reforms in European NATO member countries during the Cold War

Yarova L. V., Yakovleva L. I., Koltsov V. M.
Institutional interaction in the conditions of war: the role of the parliamentary opposition

Klymonchuk V. Y.
Trends in the development of international relations in the EU through the prism of diplomatic personnel training in the Visegrad Group countries

Hurak I. F., Derevianko S. M., Boichuk O. I.
Formation of an Authoritarian, Anti-Western Regime in Russia and the Reaction of Leading International Actors

Marchuk V. V., Holubiyak N. R.
Diplomatic Personnel Training in the Context of Formation and Development of Czech Diplomacy (1989–2004)

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